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Once Upon a Winter - Ebook

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Experience the enchantment of the Christmas season when a young woman discovers wishes can come true — but in the most unexpected ways.

Weary of city life, Laura Everly moves to the small coastal town of Mistletoe, Maine. While exploring a charming antique shop, she finds an unassuming snow globe that grants wishes — though they rarely unfold as expected. When Laura voices an idle wish that Santa would drop a hot guy down her chimney, her roof springs a leak. 

A hasty call to the only handyman in town brings Farley Cooper, a rugged individualist with an outdoorsy charm, lives by his own rules. His charismatic aura draws people in one minute, while his directness repels them the next.

As curious coincidences pile up and Laura’s dreams of a perfect Christmas in her new home seem to vanish, deeper feelings for Cooper take their place. Is the snow globe be behind them all, including their growing attraction? Find out in this heartwarming reminder of the true magic of Christmas.

If you enjoy the heartwarming magic of a cozy small town Christmas, you'll love Once Upon a Winter. Get your copy today!

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